Are you bored? Or just haven’t thought about how similar are the things around us. What do you think about handmade?

Do it yourself – We have yarns, knitting accessories, patterns and models to inspire you.

Choose something from us – Amigurumi toys, dolls, knittings, accessories and decor.

Order something especially for you.

And don’t forget, preferring handmade you choose to be yourself, not just some kind of item or a product.


Hi, there!

I’m Reny.
I live in Kazanlak – The Valley of the Roses.

Wondering how and when I learned to knit.
Well, since I was a kid, I used to watch mom knitting. And I practice on my doll’s clothes.
That’s how I learned to create.

In early 2018, I decided to share my passion with you. And to convey some of my creativity to all curious children.

I don’t use any patterns. I challenge my imagination every day.
And I am happy when I can share it with you.

Pinkie Pie & Reny

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