In our section “Amigurumi” you will find a variety of crochet toys – dolls, animals, and many other strange creatures.

They are all handmade with high-quality yarns, filled with silicone down. They can be easily maintained and are part of all your endless happy moments.

In each amigurumi description, you will see detailed information about the toy – who is going to make the happiest, how to maintain it, and other details.

Please note that when washing is indicated in the washing machine, it must be on a gentle program up to 30 degrees, without a high-speed spin, with clothes that will not pull the toy (zippers and buttons) or put in a laundry bag.

If we missed something, feel free to ask [email protected]

  • Mr. Bean’s TeddyMr. Bean’s Teddy
  • Talisman MouseTalisman Mouse
  • Peppa Pig and George PigPeppa Pig and George Pig
  • Talisman PiggyTalisman Piggy
  • ChickalettaChickaletta
  • Baby YodaBaby Yoda
  • GiraffeGiraffe
  • Little mermaidLittle mermaid
  • Little donkeyLittle donkey
  • Crochet frogsCrochet frogs
  • Minnie and pacifier clips setMinnie and pacifier clips set
  • Mr. Bean & Teddy setMr. Bean & Teddy set
  • Mickey and pacifier clips setMickey and pacifier clips set
  • BallerinaBallerina
  • MouseMouse
    • MouseMouse
    • Mouse
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