Mishi and Mashi sets

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These are the knitted Mishi and Mashi, with their adventures collected in children’s colorful, and educational books.
They are two inseparable sisters, and about their travels tell you the Bulgarian author Maria Georgieva.

Your child’s favorite doll has a name. Also lots of stories, and journeys which will show you the world.
Dolls dresses are removable for the creative ones who will wonder what new they can wear them with.
They are completely safe for even the little ones. No extra buttons, their eyes are embroidered also they don’t have synthetic hair.

Mishi is the younger sister, dressed in red.
Mashi is the older sister, dressed in blue.

1 Mishi and Mashi go to England
2 Mishi and Mashi go to Greece
3 Mishi and Mashi go to Italy
* The books are in English

Write to us in a comment on your order, which doll and which book you prefer. We will also contact you to confirm.

You can find out everything about the author of the books and his muses on our blog.

Have fun!

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