World Wide Knit in Public Day - 08.06.2019

World Wide Knit in Public Day and our Workshop! – 08.06.2019

Do you know, that each year in every second Saturday of June, is the World Wide Knit in Public Day!

Thanks to Danielle Landes, she started the tradition in 2006. Her idea is to bring more people together, to knit in one place.

This year, we join the initiative by organizing a small workshop in our shop. The topic of the day was a mini amigurumi piggy.

As you probably know, according to the Chinese calendar, 2019 is the year of the pig, that’s why we choose that little toy.

The belief is that, if you have the symbol in your home, you will have a happy and prosperous year.

Very different people came to the workshop from experienced knitters to people, who have never knit in their lives.

It was colourful and very cheerful.
Everyone had a lot of fun and managed to knit a lucky piggy and bring it at home.

The people walking past our store were fascinated by what they see. Many of them came to greet us and enjoy the art of knitting.

Maybe we have inspired at least a few more people this day, and we will expand the knitters family.
It was a lovely experience for everyone, and we will do it again


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